Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My trip to Texas

Here are some fun pictures from my trip to Texas.

Just chillin' with Brett

We had a super fun day using public transportation. We all loved the bus ride especially Brett.

We took the bus to downtown and went for a tour of the capital building.

We found this "T" touring the capital grounds. Lindsay said it stands for Texas, but I'm pretty sure it stands for Trever!

We rode the bus to the library. This is me reading to Brett in "the egg".

This is Texas pride...go Longhorns!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Backyard fun

We had a fun Sunday evening with Nate and his family. As you can see Christian was getting quite bored with all the horsing around... Who is that cowgirl taking charge with the horses? Oh! Thats mom!

What a fun surprise! We got home from vacation, only to find three horses in our pasture.....wish we could keep them......

Trever, the crazy horse man. He is not afraid of them at all. He goes out into the pasture all by himself, and the horses surround him like he is a big bag of oats or something, they love him...

Here we are at Mt. Rushmore. It was a beautiful day, Trever, Hailee and I took a little hike that they have, in order to view the faces on the mountain from several different angles. It was a hike with many, many, stairs. Trever's feet really hurt when he would try to walk that night, and the next day, but as usual, he was a trooper.

Above, we are standing by a statue of the Prophet Joseph, and his brother Hyrum. This depicts the last ride out of Nauvoo, before they were killed. Joseph says to Hyrum, as they look over their city of Nauvoo. These are the greatest people under the heavens, they have no idea what trials await them.

These photos Dad took of some of the scenery around Nauvoo, it really is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. It is so green, and there are thousands of trees, they just never seem to end. Apparently it is usually really hot this time of summer, however it stayed in the hight 70's to lower 80's during the time we were there, making it just perfect. Dad, Trever, and I didn't notice any mosquitoes either, thats because they were all on Hailee. Ha!

There is nothing for sale in Nauvoo, literally no money is exchanged whatsoever. However this "Joseph Smith Red Brick Store" is owned by the "Community of Christ" church so there is stuff you can buy. Here I am picking out a pioneer bonnet to go with my dress back home.

This picture is taken outside Carthage jail. There are flowers like this everywhere! Seriously!

This is the front of "Joseph Smith Red Brick Store" Hey who's that old..Oh, never mind...

This is a picture of the Nauvoo Pageant. This was incredible! I can't really describe what it was like, only to say that it was the crowning jewel of our trip.

This is a picture of the Nauvoo Temple at night. Isn't it beautiful! Dad and I were able to go to a session one morning, it was a sweet experience.
Here we are at Winter Quarters.

This is a pic of the Winter Quarters Temple, there are two tiny people on the steps in front, that would be mom, and Hailee.

This was truely a trip of a life time for us. Yes, it was a lot of driving, but we wouldn't change a minute of it. (Well I did miss a turn one time , that caused us some backtracking and I think Dad would change that....) Hopefully we will be able to take the whole family sometime in the near future, as we would love for all of you to be able to have this experience.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ok, here it goes! This is my first attempt at a blog, so I'll apologize for all the cheese before I begin. This is "just the three of us".....at Disneyland (this is before the ride began,so we were dry, and happy)

We had a fun trip to Yellowstone Park this past weekend. Two beautiful girls here in front of the Yellowstone Canyon.

Claire, Christian, and Brady(three of Grandmas favorite people) riding Grandpa's four wheeler, We all had a wonderful time together at a Sunday barbeque at grandma's house, James and Meieli sang for us, and then we all sang some of our family favorites, "This Land is your Land", "Million Dollars", "The Fish Song", etc...........sorry I don't have any pics of the sing-along, my bad.
I thought this was a great picture of Nate, and Elisa. Take a look at all the awesome artwork in the background on Grandma's windows. Compliments of my little budding artists(Brooklyn, Claire, Brady, and Christian)